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Product features of pathology slicer.
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The accurate diagnosis of the pathology slicer depends on the accurate slice, and the accurate slice depends on the correct slicer. The following are the product features of the pathological slicer, the pathological slicer and the embedding machine manufacturers:
1. The orientation of the coarse feed wheel is closer to the operator and conforms to the ergonomic design.
2. The rotation direction of the coarse feed wheel can be selected clockwise and counterclockwise according to customer needs when ordering.
3. The E-shaped knife holder has a red hand guard to cover the full length of the blade to ensure safety. It is useful to protect users when slicing and replacing wax blocks.
4. The storage tray can be placed on the top or next to the slicer to facilitate the access of common tools. The top of the slicer can also store the cold box to cool the wax block.
5. The rotating pole of the handwheel is smooth, and the spring principle balance system replaces the traditional counterweight system. This user-friendly design makes the operation easier and reduces user fatigue.
6. The safety handwheel has two independent locking systems. The one-handed handwheel lock can easily recognize the handwheel in the upper position, and the second handwheel lock can recognize the handwheel in any position.
7. Optional accurate sample positioning system.
8. A variety of sample holders can meet the needs of different samples, and a one-handed universal sample holder tool holder can be selected with lateral movement function to ensure that the full length of the blade can be fully utilized.
9. The universal knife holder base can be adapted to all knife holders, steel knife holders, disposable blades, etc.
10. The vast waste trough is fixed with magnetic force.
11. The shell material of the slicer is corrosion-resistant.

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