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What are the operating procedures for the embedding machine?
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With the advancement of science and technology, the use of embedding machines has played a great role in the study of histological diagnosis. So, what are the operating procedures when using them? Next, the slicer, pathology slicer and embedding machine The manufacturer will take everyone to find out!

Clean them together before use. Before cleaning the instrument each time, close the instrument and unplug the power cord. During cleaning, keep the machine dry, and no liquid should penetrate into the instrument. The workbench should be stable and level, and the space bar should be installed at the rear so that the distance between the instrument and the wall should not be less than 15cm, and ensure that there is no air conditioning hole near the instrument. There can be no items that are not related to the operation around the machine, let alone sharp metal objects, to avoid damage to the appearance of the instrument.

The temperature of the re-added white wax should not exceed 70℃, otherwise it will affect some important components of the instrument and the quality of the white wax embedded. After all operating units have reached the pre-selected temperature and the white wax has completely dissolved, the tissue embedding can begin. After daily operations, the white wax and the leaked white wax should be treated with a special shovel, and the work area should be cleaned with all the commonly used cleaning products in the laboratory to remove the white wax. Regularly check whether the instrument is damaged. If a problem occurs during use, turn off the power in time, contact the relevant repairer for troubleshooting, and use it after the repair is complete.

The main control switch of the instrument should generally not be switched on and off frequently. All daily operations should be started through the switch button on the display panel. The main control switch of the instrument can be closed only when it is not going to be used for a long time. To insist on cleaning together, you can clean the exterior of the spray paint with a mild household cleaner or soapy water, and wipe it with a damp cloth. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to regularly clean the dust on the ventilation slot on the back of the instrument to avoid long-term organic solvents touching the surface of the instrument. Regularly maintain the machine.

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