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The compositionperformance of the spreader
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The following is the composition and performance of the grilling machine, pathology slicer and embedding machine manufacturers.

The slicer spreading machine is mainly composed of three parts:

1. Microcomputer control part, including operation panel, temperature display, working status display, etc.

2. The heating part of spreading slices, baking slices and baking slices

3. The operation part of spreading, baking and baking

The main performance of the spreader:

1. Spreading working temperature range: adjustable from 35°C to 85°C.

2. Working temperature range of drying sheet: adjustable from 35℃~85℃.

3. Operating temperature range of baking sheet: adjustable from 35°C to 85°C.

The continuous working time of the slicer spreader should not be less than 8h. The power consumption of the slicer spreader should not exceed 1kVA.

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