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Design features of pathology slicer
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Pathology microtome is one of important medical precision instruments. Mainly used for pathology, scientific research, teaching and other biological slices. The slicer is composed of a knife holder, a blade, a specimen slot, an adjusting part and an operating part. The slice thickness, interval thickness and slice area can be adjusted as required. The operation should be in accordance with the regulations and within the limited range; clean up in time after use to maintain lubrication against movement friction; cover the machine cover when it is out of use to avoid dust pollution; fix the box in the transportation to prevent vibration damage to the components.

Next, let's talk about the design features of the pathological slicer of the pathological slicer by the manufacturers of the slicer, the pathological slicer and the embedding machine.

The pathology slicer adopts the international advanced technology-precision roller cross guide. The material adopts high-strength alloy steel and other precious metal materials, with a unique design and precise structure. In addition to ordinary soft tissue slices, it is especially suitable for hard tissue slices, such as plastics, fibers, bones, plants, and hair. The sample holder can be arbitrarily locked on the three-dimensional axis, which is convenient to adjust the slice angle. The knife holder advances and retreats, and the operation will automatically feed the knife. The knife holder can move longitudinally and horizontally without touching the slicing knife surface with fingers. Whether using a standard slicing knife or a disposable blade, the ideal blade effect can be obtained. The right hand wheel can be locked at any position with one hand, safe and convenient. The sealing of the whole machine does not need to be disassembled, making the slicing work easy to clean. That is, it can quickly freeze section, and at the same time can perform conventional paraffin section. The unique titanium-plated guide rail ensures high-precision sectioning.

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